Nous avons maintenant une liste de rachat mise à jour automatiquement ! Veuillez visiter pour voir toutes les cartes que nous achetons actuellement.

Informations Importantes

La liste de rachat actuelle est encore en train d'être construite et nous allons continuellement l'améliorer. Il est maintenant possible de placer des rachats directement sur la buylist ! Pas besoin de compte, vous pouvez simplement entrer les détails pour le paiement lors de la validation du rachat.

Nous devons encore valider chaque commande manuellement et afin de donner la possibilité aux joueurs Magic suisses de vendre leurs cartes sans avoir a envoyer plusieurs paquets, souvent à l'étranger, nous allons continuer à améliorer cette liste de rachat.

Voici les prochaines étapes que nous avons prévues:

  1. Ajouter la possibilité de placer une vente de cartes directement sur la liste de rachat
  2. Ajouter d'autres langues (français, allemand et italien)
  3. Pouvoir créer un compte ou réutiliser le compte Mana Shop pour placer des ventes et pouvoir suivre l'évolution d'ancienne ventes
  4. Importation de cartes à partir d'un fichier pour pouvoir avoir une estimation rapide d'une collection

Buylist FAQ (Bientôt en français)

1. What cards are you buying?
Currently, we only buy Mint / Near Mint cards in English that are legal in Standard.

2. How are the prices calculated?
The prices are automatically calculated based on the prices from The Mana Shop and the current stock we have. If a card is in low stock, we will offer a premium, if we have a sufficient quantity of a card, we will not buy it or lower the price.

3. What payment options do you offer and how long does it take to get paid?
We will pay you either by bank wire or with store credit (20% bonus). Usually, your payment will be processed within 2 business days after we receive your cards.

4. Is there a bonus for store credit?
Yes! We offer a 20% bonus on the total price if you decide to take store credit for The Mana Shop.

5. Can I drop off the cards directly at your store?
No, unfortunately, we don't currently have a physical location where you can directly drop the cards off, you have to ship them at the moment.

6. I want to add / remove cards from my order. How do I proceed?
If you want to add cards, you can simply send us a new buylist order and ship them together. To remove cards, send us an email and we will send you a new offer with the remaining cards.

7. What does Near Mint / Mint condition means?
A Near Mintt / Mint card shows minimal to no wear and looks like it has never been played without sleeves. The surface must be clean and have no scratches. The border can present a few white spots but they must be very small and very few.

8. I have another question, how can I contact you?
We are happy to answer any other questions by Email or on our Facebook page. We usually reply the same day and would love to hear any questions, suggestions and improvements from you.

Terms and Conditions

1. Order approval
During the development phase of the buylist, we will manually approve every order. We cannot guarantee that we will always buy at the quantities and prices displayed in this buylist.

2. Shipping
Please be sure to package your cards securely and use tracking for valuable cards. The Mana Shop is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during transit.

Because the value of MTG cards is constantly changing, we ask that you ship us the cards within three business days of your order's approval. If the parcel is not postmarked within three business days, we reserve the right to adjust the prices of the cards according to the current buylist ones.

3. Errors and returns
If we receive non-English cards or cards in worse condition, we will send you a new evaluation for approval or send back the cards to you. At the moment, we only buy English cards in Near Mint / Mint condition.

4. Payment
When sending your buylist order, please precise which payment option and the relevent informations (account email / bank details). Splitting your payment between multiple options is possible and any portion of the payment issued in store credit will get the 20% bonus. There is no fee to process payments.