When will I receive my preorder?

Preorders are set to ship out on the official release date at the latest. However, when possible, we will ship preorders for them to arrive on official release date (orders with priority shipping only!).

Is it possible to order other items with my preorder?

Yes, but the order will not be shipped before the official release of the preorder products. If you want to receive the other items before, please place two separate orders.

Can I add products to my preorder?

Yes, it is possible to add products until two days before the official release date. Make another order and specify in the message area the number of the preorder to group the new order to.

When should I pay my preorder?

Preorders must be paid immediatly like regular orders.

Can I cancel my preorder?

It is usually not possible to cancel a preorder, because we plan our own orders regarding preorders we receive. However we can, at our discretion, cancel a preorder if you contact us soon enough.